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Avigilon™ Unity and Avigilon™ Alta

Are you ready to optimize the security of your business? Avigilon offers a video, cloud, and access control solution that seamlessly integrates into your business, allowing you to have the right information at the right time! Powered by advanced AI and video analytics, our technology is easy to use, giving your business the best tools without sacrificing your budget.

Instead of your security operator spending hours looking for and verifying suspicious activity, Avigilon gives you the tools to effectively prevent negative outcomes, including facial recognition, appearance search, next-generation video analytics, license plate recognition, unusual activity and motion detection, and self-learning video analytics. With AI and video analytics, your security operator can minimize the time spent on analysis. We also provide physical access control solutions to keep your team, property, and inventory safe. The latest software provides map icons that are scalable and easily visible.

Operators can also configure a second authentication factor to increase the security of your system. Plus, with our mobile application, the status of your system can be easily updated, providing your team with greater flexibility. It also allows you to monitor and manage the overall health of your system. With easy site maintenance and regular system updates, you have a security system with all the tools to secure your business.

Using end-to-end video security, your data is kept safe from hackers. Plus, we offer cloud services, meaning your data can’t be erased from a local hard drive or damaged in the event of flooding or fire. Instead, you can view live or recorded videos from anywhere worldwide.

At Bridge Wireless, we focus on finding the right solutions to fit your business, regardless of the number of locations or unique attributes of your commercial space.


Nitro™ Evolve

Evolve combines the data capabilities of an Android device with the ruggedness and reliability of a business-critical push-to-talk device. A CBRS-ready LTE handheld built for business; it is ready to evolve with your changing network needs.

Nitro™ Evolve


Bridge Wireless offers the latest digital and analog 2 way radios to support your needs. Our rental fleet include Motorola XPR6550, XPR6350, CP200, and BPR40 radios. Rental radios or Walkie Talkies are commonly used by event coordinators and security personnel for private and commercial events.

Radio Rentals

Why Choose Bridge Wireless

Bridge Wireless provides two-way radio communication products and services to customers in the San Francisco bay area. We offer digital portable and mobile radios, repeater systems and callboxes. Our sales and service team specializes in designing, installing, and repairing two-way radio systems that meet our customer requirements.

Our business philosophy is simple: Do what is right for the customer. This means our sales and service team will take the time to clearly understand the customer requirements and then propose a solution that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations. We know this philosophy works since we have many repeat customers. Our sales and service team is committed to go the extra mile to “delight our customers”

Two-way radio rentals can be a great way to provide flexible communication for your next large event. Our team can help you find the right Motorola digital or analog radios based on the event and the number of people who are part of your team. We also provide options that allow you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your staff behind the scenes, allowing the main event to continue uninterrupted.

Why are two-way radio rentals an effective option? They can be programmed to specific frequencies and allow for communication even in remote areas. Plus, they can easily be used to contact specific individuals on your team, enabling you to target communication.

Our team at Bridge Wireless has worked with businesses in all industries, so we can tailor your rental service to provide what you need for your employees to succeed. Two-way radio rentals allow you to have the equipment when required, without the additional costs of maintaining them or buying other equipment when your team expands with temporary workers for a specific event.

Suppose you are a wedding coordinator or security guard. In that case, two-way radios can help you communicate with your staff throughout the event, providing a seamless signal to everyone at essential points during the ceremony or event. Two-way radio rentals offer the ability to make sure that the timing of the event is executed without a hitch.

With a wide area of coverage using our Wave on Cloud TLK100 radios can provide quality communication coverage, no matter how large your event is. That makes them particularly effective during large parties, ceremonies, or even a local marathon. Event organizers can stay in contact with their team, regardless of where everyone is.

Perhaps you already have two-way radios for your team but additional employees for a specific event. Our team can help by supplementing your radios with our two-way radio rentals, which can be easily integrated into your system, providing additional communication possibilities. Since we can preprogram them to requested frequencies, it allows you to incorporate them into your current line of two-way radios.

We also provide a flexible rental service, meaning that we can provide additional equipment if your needs change before your event. Our two-way radios are user-friendly, meaning you won’t have to spend hours training your team on how to use them.

We also work with you to make it easy for you to return your two-way radio rentals once your event is over. We can tailor a rental plan that fits your needs and budget if you are looking for long-term two-way radio rental options.

We have two-way radio rentals in stock and available. Contact our team today to set up your two-way radio rental!

Client Testimonials

Based on the positive experiences I have had, whenever someone I come into contact with asks about two-way radio equipment for their personnel, I recommend Bridge Wireless to them.
Large Church in Saratoga
I have been using Bridge Wireless for the past 3 years for all of my two-way radio needs for the San Jose Convention Center, Center of Performing Arts, Montgomery Theater, and California Theater.
Aaron C
IT Director

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Radio rentals are a cost-effective way to provide your company with the benefits of enhanced communication without the large investment required when purchasing the equipment. It’s an ideal scenario for many companies.

In addition to being cost-effective, radio rental agreements offer additional benefits, including:

  • You can increase the efficiency and productivity of your entire team by making communication easier. And many two-way radios also offer tools that allow users to share content, which makes asking questions and receiving guidance easier.
  • You can customize the arrangement to meet the unique needs of your company. When renting two-way radios, there are many options to choose from that can provide a solution to any challenges you encounter. Whether you need extra durable radios, those compatible with accessories, or those that can integrate with other technologies, you can find something to meet your need.
  • Rental agreements give you access to radios when you need them without having to make the full investment, which is a sustainable and smart financial solution for many businesses.
  • Renting radios often gives you enhanced support. This support means that you can access professional guidance to answer any questions or problems you encounter with the radios.
  • You get a reliable communication method, which can boost your bottom line by helping to minimize miscommunication and errors.

Two-way radios provide many benefits to companies in all industries. However, the cost of purchasing a communication network can be cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Two-way radio rentals offer an ideal solution.