Radio System Design & Integration

Bridge Wireless specializes in designing and installing two-way radio systems to provide excellent radio communication throughout your facility.

If you have a building, a group of buildings, or a high rise building that needs radio communication, let Bridge Wireless design and install the radio system for you. We have successfully installed hundreds of radio systems complete with repeaters, base stations, mobile and portable radios.

System Design Services

When designing a custom radio system for our customers, we consider the following hardware and software options:

  • Digital or Analog radios
  • Conventional Repeater Systems – improves radio coverage in a building or on a campus
  • Capacity Plus Repeater Systems– provides multiple channels using one digital repeater
  • Multisite Capacity Plus Systems – supports multiple repeater and different locations
  • IP Site Connect – connects two separate locations using digital repeaters
  • Connect Plus/Capacity Max Radio systems – provides wide area radio coverage for the San Francisco Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley, and Southern California
  • Digital software applications (GPS tracking, radio dispatch, text messaging, telemetry, etc.)

Repeater Installation Types 

Antenna Installation

Building Coverage

Good radio coverage in and around buildings

For customers to achieve good radio coverage in and around buildings, the radio system design is paramount. At Bridge Wireless we will perform a site test survey at the customer location which will determine the best location for the repeater and antenna. During the survey our technicians will perform a repeater test to verify good radio coverage at customer specified areas. This site survey test ensures that the proposed radio system will function to meet the customer radio coverage requirements.

Building Coverage