two way radio rentals

Bridge Wireless offers the latest digital and analog 2 way radios to support your needs. Our rental fleet include Motorola XPR6550, XPR6350, CP200, and BPR40 radios.

Need radios for an upcoming event or party?

Rental radios or Walkie Talkies are commonly used by event coordinators and security personnel for the following events:

Large Festivals 

All large festivals have hundreds of moving parts, and every variable depends on accurate program coordination and timing. 

Event planners and security teams benefit from the ease of communication with our two-way radio rentals. Traditional phone systems and cell phones do not allow for group calls, discreet conversations, or emergency all-hands alerts and can become overwhelming in emergencies. With a two-way radio rental, festival planners can handle more calls and prioritize communications more efficiently, so critical communications are managed first.  

Plant Maintenance 

Two-way radio rentals are perfect for plant maintenance when increased communication is needed for a limited duration. When you have plant maintenance projects or a scheduled plant shutdown, two-way radios offer accessible communication. They can be used anywhere, even when connectivity is inconsistent or during a power outage. Our radios are durable and reliable and apply to various industries. Whether you need two-way radios that can withstand the elements or radios rated for hazardous work environments, we can meet your radio requirements.


When hosting a large party, having a means of instant and clear communication is essential to having a successful event. You must juggle the pre-event logistics, the party, and the post-party cleanup. Having immediate access to the event team, caterers, entertainment, vendors, parking attendants, security personnel, and first responders will be critical.

Hosting a large party comes at a significant expense, and you only have one chance to ensure your party is memorable for all the right reasons. Having a reliable means of communication with everyone contributing to the party’s success will be essential. Our radio experts can help you determine which two-way radio rentals are the best for your event and budget.

Marathons / Triathlons

Marathons and triathlons require communication over large areas of territory, so having reliable communication is crucial. Two-way radio communications at multi-sport events, like triathlons, allow you to prepare for all aspects of the race, including relaying start and finish times, communicating with medical personnel, event management, event communication, security, and crowd control. Our Motorola two-way radios can be rented for one day or for any duration you require for your event. 


Concerts involve coordinating large teams to meet the demand for supporting a one or two-day event. Having immediate access and communication with your management and logistics teams will ensure you can always keep in direct communication with everyone on your team.  

Crowd control at concerts is also critical to event safety and security. Our two-way radio rentals are perfect for constantly communicating with your event teams, security teams, medical teams, and emergency and first responders. Radio channels can be preprogrammed to match your existing radio channels.

Our radio rentals have the follow options:

  • Digital and Analog radios
  • Accessories including Speaker Microphones, Surveillance Headsets, Extra Batteries
  • Multi-unit or individual chargers
  • Connect Plus Wide Area Network coverage
  • Customized programming to match your existing radio channels
  • Pick-up and delivery to the following cities in the San Francisco Bay Area: Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Milpitas, Fremont, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Scotts Valley, and Santa Cruz
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly rates

Rental Fleet

Meet temporary equipment needs quickly, easily and cost-effectively

Providing crowd control at a sporting event, boosting communications at a mining project or getting needed radios into the hands of personnel responding to an emergency or disaster – Motorola’s flexible radio rental service can deliver additional equipment when you need it.

Motorola two-way radios may be rented for as little as one day or as long as needed. Radios can be preprogrammed to requested frequencies or set to our licensed rental frequencies.  Pending availability, the radios can be shipped overnight.


Grandstand Events

As summer continues, many towns and cities throughout the U.S. have their annual county and state fairs with large crowds and grandstand events. During those grandstand events, your team needs to constantly contact each other to ensure that every aspect of the event is timed out properly and happens without any delays.

Our two-way radio rentals give you multiple options to ensure your team can contact each other, no matter the size of the crowds. Additionally, having two-way radio rentals in place means your team can alert security to any challenges before they get out of control.

Fair workers can also call for supplies, ask for breaks, and alert other staff about potential challenges to ask for support. With their direct communication options, our digital and analog radios have multiple accessories to meet the needs of your team, including noise-canceling headphone options. We can also program your two-way radio rentals for specific channels, guaranteeing that your team always has a clear channel for communication throughout the fair or grandstand event.

If you are building a business, running an event, or managing the security at a club or facility, having reliable communication is vital to successfully moving your team and addressing the needs of your guests and employees. With our two-way radio rentals, you can customize every aspect of your communication platform, either temporarily or permanently. Since these radios also come with multi-unit or individual chargers and batteries that last for hours, you always have a fully charged two-way radio ready to connect your team.

Two Way Radio Repairs

Two-way radios are the communication lifeline for many businesses that provide a variety of goods and services. When those two-way radios are not operational, it can negatively impact the functioning of your company at every level. To avoid these issues, having a resource for completing your two-way radio repairs is critical.

Bridge Wireless provides quality two-way radio repairs, keeping your company’s communication platform running smoothly. We also offer two-way radio rentals to give you an option for temporary replacement while your two-way radio repairs are completed. We assess whether your two-way radio needs replacement or other basic repairs. Once those repairs are completed, we can deliver your two-way radios, keeping you focused on your business and its productivity.

There are multiple repairs that we can handle, including the following:

  • Warranty repairs
  • Non-warranty repairs
  • Explore repair versus replacement

We also handle repairs for a variety of Motorola products, giving you the means to take care of lost-cost repairs. Our team can also assist you in deciding whether to complete the repair or opt for replacement. Repair options are also dependent upon the availablity of parts, which can be ordered from a manufacturer. We also provide preventative maintenance, helping you to keep your fleet of two-way radios working optimally. With our team, we can assess what type of damage occurred and diagnose any potential issues to help you determine what type of repairs might be necessary and give you a timeframe for completion.

At Bridge Wireless, our goal is to make sure that you have the right two-way radios to fit your company’s needs and make sure that it is running smoothly. By handling all your two-way radio repairs, you have all you need to maintain your communication platform.