5 Benefits of the Nitro Evolve

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Modern business moves at the speed of light. To keep pace, many organizations require the best communication technologies available. The Motorola Nitro Evolve represents the next generation of two-way radio communication by offering a streamlined, integrated device with all the features your company needs.

The Nitro Evolve LTE device combines the data capabilities of Android devices with the rugged durability and reliability found with two-way radios. Adding Nitro Evolve to your communications network is one way to ensure your team has the best tool for any job.

Key business benefits offered by Nitro Evolve include:

  1. Modern, reliable connection: There can be no denying that communications networks continuously evolve to support better communication and more robust data needs. The Nitro Evolve is future-proofed to allow it to grow with your business and meet your communication needs for years to come. Evolve offers seamless broadband connectivity, supporting both Wi-Fi and CBRS while allowing for a seamless transition path to private LTE. Intuitive voice communication allows for seamless push-to-talk communications that ensure your team’s messages are always received. Additionally, the technology and software integrations in the system ensure that Evolve devices will meet your business needs in years to come.
  2. Intelligent Interface: The Evolve interface is designed to provide your team with immediate access to the data and communications constantly occurring at your organization. This benefit ensures all team members have the information they need to make smart decisions on the fly. The interface design is built on the Android operating system experience, ensuring that the operation of the devices is easy for anyone familiar with smartphones. Within the open app platform, users can access any app on the Google Play Store or install customized apps. Mobile device management platforms can also provide full control over app installation, ensuring effective security measures can be in place. In addition, Evolve’s easy-to-use touchscreen allows users to share mission-critical content, including videos, images, plans or maps, schematics, and diagrams. Team members can also use front- or rear-facing cameras to take photos or videos to share.
  3. Durable Design: The Nitro Evolve was designed with our toughest workers in mind. It is designed to remain reliable even in the most extreme conditions. The Nitro offers the following benefits to support durability:
    1. Dustproof
    1. Submersible in up to two meters of water for up to two hours
    1. Intrinsically safe for hazardous environments
    1. Gorilla Glass display, which can withstand repeated drops onto concrete
    1. A glove-operable, liquid-resistant touchscreen
    1. Physical programmable buttons
    1. Standard Android menu and navigation buttons
    1. Multiple battery options
    1. Quick-changing batteries
    1. Large speakers with louder, clearer audio to ensure your team can hear in any environment
    1. Compatibility with a range of audio accessories, including wireless remote speaker microphones and compact earpieces
  4. Greater Security: With management features, such as admin control and updates, you can ensure that your network remains safe and your devices remain reliable. In addition, you can easily customize security settings and permissions to meet your organization’s needs while ensuring your data is protected. With comprehensive fleet control, you can maintain control of feet application access, behaviors, permissions, and securities with custom and off-the-shelf APIs available through Android enterprise, implemented and managed through your mobile device management solution. Additionally, with the Nitro CBRS private Let solution, you can retain full control over your network, including coverage, data, and service costs over other private or public LTE solutions.
  5. Enterprise-Ready: The Nitro Evolve is ready to meet the next generation of communications demands. Fortunately, it is also scalable, ensuring your communications infrastructure remains reliable as your business grows. Enterprise-level businesses can benefit from less downtime and a lower cost of ownership with the Nitro Evolve. And with comprehensive fleet management, administration and management of the devices can be easy and very cost-effective.

All of the Nitro Evolve features were designed with an end-user experience in mind. The handheld device is easy to navigate, and almost anyone can operate it within minutes of first holding one. No matter what industry your company is in, easy-to-use communications that offer all the other key benefits listed can be a game-changer. Enhanced communication can give your business a competitive edge by boosting responsiveness, productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

It provides us with a glimpse into the future of two-way radios. And with Motorola’s warranty and support, you can rest assured that you will have a top-of-the-line solution when you implement the Nitro Evolve. For more information about Nitro Evolve, contact Bridge Wireless today.

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