5 reasons your emergency preparedness plan should involve a two-way radio

Two-way radio

Owning a two-way radio should be an essential part of your emergency plan. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to prepare for an emergency at home or at work, two-way radios are the answer to emergency contacts. In fact, many job sites all over the nation are turning to these types of radios verses smartphones. Two- way radios make it easy for contractors and construction workers to get their jobs done more efficiently and are the perfect solution for emergencies.

Here are 5 reasons you should include a two-way radio into your emergency plans.

Touch of a Button

With a touch of one button you can quickly alert all radios. This means that an all alert can go out in seconds and help prepare more workers for any type of emergencies that are arising. This could mean saving lives. Two-way radios have an emergency button which can be used during critical moments. This will help you notify staff of the emergency or major incident without having to call each individual person.

Maintenance Contracts

Why touch of a button technology is so useful:

  • Ability to alert all radios instantly by pushing an emergency button
  • Activate alarms on some models with just a push of a button
  • Loud alarms are installed on some models making the ability to be heard imminent


With a cell phone you have to worry about cell phone towers. Landlines will more than likely fail you when disaster strikes. However, a two- way radio will continue to work throughout emergency situations. Contact with all employees will not be an issue.

Some great features included with various equipment are:

  • Push to talk radio
  • Radio coverage in building and cities

Easy to Use and Activate

While not everyone is tech savvy, it takes minimal training to understand how to use a two-way radio. With the touch of a button an employee will be able to reach the person they need. In emergencies this will be important, because everyone will need to understand how to communicate on the radio.

two-way radio


Two-way radios are robust and made for longevity. They are the perfect solution for any work site. You will not have to worry about a cracked screen or them being damaged because of a simple drop. They are light weight and built to last. Two-way radios are less likely to crack or break when they are dropped.

Other relations to durability include:

  • Many radios are build to military specifications
  • Many can handle all types of weather and weather related stresses
  • Some models have battery lives that can last 12 to 26 hours


Unlike smartphones, two-way radios provide clarity in almost all conditions. In fact, many of them are constructed with features that can help decrease wind noise, are resistant to vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet conditions.

Make sure you shop around when looking for the perfect two-way radio San Jose. It will be a fantastic addition to the workplace and be welcome when emergencies arise. There are a lot of different model types on the market. Take a look at all the features and how they can benefit your workplace. It will enhance communication without having to worry about employees playing on smart phones. When an emergency arises, you want to be prepared, and a two-way radio should be part of your plan.