5 Things You Need to Know About the TLK100

TLK 100 - Bridge Wireless

For many service-oriented businesses, the challenge is keeping in contact with employees who are in the field. Once you send them to work on a project, you need to be confident that you can speak with them to answer questions or provide technical support in the field. Finding the right tool for your drivers or technicians can be a cross between what works well and the practical financial realities of your company’s budget.

One such option available is the Motorola TLK100. Read on to learn the 5 things you need to know about the TLK100, including how it can benefit your business.

What is the Motorola TLK100?

Simply put, the Motorola TLK100 is a Wave Oncloud™ Two-Way Radio, which combines the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications. You can connect multiple Motorola TLK 100 - Bridge Wirelessemployees with your main office and with other employees who are already in the field.

What is the coverage like?

One of the problems with cell phones and other devices is the coverage can become spotty or the audio less than clear once an employee is inside a building. With the Motorola TLK100, that problem is addressed with good radio coverage inside buildings and cities. The device uses cellular LTE and Wi-Fi, thus guaranteeing connectivity in a variety of settings.

For instance, your employees can connect with the office from the field or at home, allowing you to reduce the costs of travel by sending assignments to them wherever they are currently located, instead of having them come back to the office.

What about the current devices we already own?

For businesses who have already invested in some form of Smartphone technology, the idea of scrapping these devices for new TLK100s can be daunting. However, the Wave Oncloud™ Application can be downloaded onto existing Smartphone. You can turn your current devices into part of your TLK100 network, allowing your business to seamlessly transition from your Smartphone system to the Wave Oncloud™ system.

As you need to replace Smartphone’s, you will be able to switch employees to the Motorola TLK100, thus allowing your business to take advantage of the benefits of this system within your budget.

Can I track my employees?

Keeping track of employees in the field is one of the key aspects of any device used in the field. The Wave Oncloud™ technology provided through the TLK100 allows for the radio tracking of employees, including those with Smartphone’s. The Wave Oncloud™ application is supported on Google and Apple devices, making it a cost-effective option to integrate your current devices with TLK100 radios.

What are the options available to outfit my team?

If you are looking for an option to keep your team connected once they are out in the field, then the TLK100 might be the right option for you. There are several options available to allow your business to take advantage of these small, durable, and reliable devices, including free TLK100 radios with a 2-year contract. Our knowledgeable team at Bridge Wireless can assist you in finding the right plan for your needs, allowing you to build a push-to-talk network for your team. Contact us today to learn about the options available today!