Avigilon Access Control – Open Path and Alta Access Control

Avigilon access control

Avigilon Access Control provides a streamlined and proactive approach to modern security. Alta’s cloud-based access control system is equipped with the most technologically advanced, enterprise-grade features. This type of integrated technology allows organizations to better detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to potential threats. It is a transformational approach to security that leverages the most sophisticated technologies for security.

Unfortunately, in today’s chaotic world, many people question whether it is safe to be present in crowded public locations, such as airports, malls, arenas, and schools. Avigilon Access Control provides a tailored solution to overcome the challenges that each of these unique settings has when it comes to ensuring security for all attendees.

This system features:

  • Smart readers: These are easy-to-install readers with live video, two-way intercom, and touchless, multi-technology capabilities.
  • Controllers, boards, and hubs: This feature includes modular boards and power supply units designed to support any door density.
  • Wireless locks: These convenient, secure, and touchless access control features include interior doors equipped with smart locks.
  • Mobile access control: Users can issue and revoke access instantly with easy-to-use mobile credentials and a touchless wave to unlock capabilities.
  • 99.9% unlock reliability: The unlock technology ensures fast mobile access with sub-second unlocks, even during Internet or service outages.
  • Security at scale: Whether you are securing a single door or multiple sites with multiple access points, the Avigilon Access Control system simplifies and streamlines operations for your entire organization.
  • Cloud-based technology: Since Avigilon Access Control is a cloud solution, managing security for many users, devices, and sites is easier than ever before. You can improve visibility across all sites with built-in video capabilities. Additionally, it can be operated fully remotely using a web-based access control platform that eliminates the need for services and provides operational flexibility.

Ultimately, this solution can increase your convenience while lowering costs and shoring up any security challenges your organization faces. 

Avigilon Access Control is ideal for the following settings:

  • Airports: Airports require monitoring of a broad area. These access points are part of the global critical infrastructure. With Avigilon Access Control, you can monitor secure area perimeters and identify potential threats to keep passengers and airport personnel safe. As part of an integrated security solution, you can better detect threats, analyze critical areas and cargo, communicate critical information, and respond to problems before they escalate.
  • Stadiums: Stadiums and arenas around the world host millions of visitors every year. Yet, many people may fear attending crowded stadiums due to recent security events. However, with Avigilon Access Control as a component in an integrated security solution, staff can make these spaces safe for public access and ensure visitors continue to enjoy the events they are there to see. Solutions can be customized to manage a complex ecosystem that streamlines all security operations adequately. These technologies can ensure that your area is better equipped to prevent threats and enable modern incident and operational management. Further, advanced software can centralize command and ensure mission-critical messages are delivered.
  • Schools: Creating safe schools is one of our generation’s toughest challenges. Every child should have access to an environment that is free of crime and violence so that they can learn and grow. Avigilon Access Control can be part of a solution that helps your school system respond to everyday security incidents ranging from allergic reactions and schoolyard skirmishes to extreme events and worst-case scenarios. While nobody wants to think these events are possible, the reality is that they are all too common. Modern security solutions can help your schools and communities stay safe and let the children learn in a safe environment.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals can often be chaotic environments filled with unpredictable events. The Avigilon Access Control technology can help hospital staff and security personnel monitor day-to-day operations to improve safety, deliver better patient outcomes, increase satisfaction, and improve efficiency. These goals work together to ensure your hospital and clinicians deliver quality care to patients while prioritizing safety and communication.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing facilities are increasingly being targeted by those hoping to disrupt supply chains. In addition to shoring up security and keeping your facility safe, Avigilon Access Control can help you optimize operations and increase visibility to achieve greater efficiency.

Avigilon Access Control offers a modern solution to overcome the challenges of keeping complex environments safe and secure. To learn more about Avigilon Access Control and integrated security solutions, contact Bridge Wireless today!

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