Avigilon Alta Cloud-Based Cameras

Avigilon Alta Cloud-based cameras, cloud-based cameras

For businesses, security is critical to protecting your customers, employees, and products. Today’s security systems are incorporating more cloud-based options than ever, making it easier for businesses to provide security. Avigilon Alta is a complete, end-to-end cloud-based security solution for video security. It is future-thinking in its design to ensure compatibility for years to come. Additionally, its access control features include innovative capabilities and intelligent analytics.

Benefits of End-to-End Solutions

The benefits of working with this type of end-to-end solution are comprehensive, no matter what industry you work in or why you need video security systems. These benefits include:

  • A unified platform: One of the biggest challenges with many security systems and video systems is that they are pieced together using multiple somewhat compatible solutions. With Avigilon Alta, you can manage the entire system using one platform. All components are compatible and cloud-native. This feature is incredibly beneficial during security events, as you won’t lose precious time trying to get something to work. It will reliably work when it matters most. The Alta video hardware is associated with entries and activities found in the live footage. Additionally, the integrated and customizable management dashboards can be made accessible to any identified device.
  • Mobile control with minimal risk: The ability to identify devices to access the control system allows you to implement a scalable solution that can manage any physical locations identified – from single locations to multisite large-scale operations. This feature ensures your security team can keep an eye on all of your operations, no matter how large or small they may be. This benefit remains true even when adding Alta’s range of readers and controllers that allow for live video, two-way intercom communications, and intelligent cloud capabilities – all of which are easy to install and compatible with the Alta system. Additionally, the platform is native to mobile experiences, allowing for remote unlock, digital badges, visitor credentials, and automatic entry detection. Moreover, you can manage the system from anywhere with the Alta Control Center software, which lets you adjust credentials, schedules, and permissions no matter where you are located. Alta is a modern solution incorporating cutting-edge technology to simplify and streamline security.
  • Greater security: With an end-to-end solution, you can rely on the video security system to have less downtime, which ensures a proactive approach to security management that allows for real-time visibility, algorithms that detect abnormal behavior, and cameras that provide 360-degree audio coverage. All of these features are designed to instantly recognize abnormal sound patterns or behaviors and send an alert to the operator instantly. The combination of these technologies means that your team will get near-immediate alerts when something isn’t right, ensuring they can respond appropriately and promptly. You can trust the technology and your team’s expertise to keep your entire business safe and secure.
  • A tailored experience: Avigilon Alta uses open API standards to allow limitless integration with all other tools and technologies you use to run your business. Alta lets you maximize your existing hardware, business software, and security applications to move to cloud security seamlessly. The Alta cloud-based camera system allows you to easily find and configure integrations from leading technology providers using the Alta App Marketplace to build a comprehensive security ecosystem. And best of all, it can all be managed from a single intuitive and open platform.
  • Financial benefits: While the Avigilon Alta cloud-based camera system offers a robust suite of features that can bring security to your company to meet modern needs, it can also bring many financial benefits. It can lower your operational costs and increase your system’s flexibility by ensuring you can detect threats immediately. Moreover, it allows you to stay one step ahead of the game with future-proof hardware and end-to-end cloud management software that delivers superior security features. Its backward and forward compatibility lets you easily integrate the Alta solution with other solutions you may have on-premise or as software. All components of the Avigilon Alta system stay up to date with the newest security features and patches, meaning your team doesn’t have to spend a huge amount of time working through these updates. Rather, it provides you with the opportunity to lower management costs. Finally, the scalable nature of Avigilon Alta lets you add locations and users and configure devices simply, ensuring a maximum return on your investment. It’s a high-powered solution that protects your company at a reasonable cost.

You’ve likely worked hard to build your company. Protecting it from modern threats and financial losses is likely a high priority for you. You can’t beat the security benefits that come with implementing the Avigilon Alta cloud-based camera solution. To learn more about the benefits of Avigilon Alta, contact Bridge Wireless today!

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