Avigilon Camera System Overview

Avigilon camera system

Avigilon offers a wide range of cameras that can meet any security needs, from small residential properties to enterprise-level camera systems. Pricing can start around $150 per camera, depending upon the intended use, and goes up as the cameras become more sophisticated.

An overview of the Avigilon cameras available includes:

  • H6 Mini Dome Camera:Provides images up to 5 MP for indoor spaces.
  • H5A Camera Line: Incorporates artificial intelligence that boosts your security. The H5A-PTZ camera provides high-speed tracking and long-range detail with up to 36x zoom. The H5A IR PTZ camera allows users to see up to 300 meters with 360-degree coverage in total darkness. The H5A Rugged PTZ camera is extra durable and reliable for use in extreme conditions. The H5A corner camera lets users install a near-indestructible solution for monitoring. The H5A Dual Head Camera is cost-effective and provides a low-profile solution that increases coverage and minimizes blind spots. Finally, the H5A Modular Camera is the smallest Avigilon camera, designed for small areas that require a discreet solution.
  • H5A Multisensor Camera: This camera can monitor virtually any location with a 360-degree, high-resolution image. It also incorporates artificial intelligence for greater analytics.
  • H5A Fisheye Camera: This camera provides a cost-effective way to achieve 360-degree coverage.
  • H5SL Camera Line: This line is cost-effective and designed to meet a wide range of needs.
  • H5M Camera Line: This line incorporates artificial intelligence for better results.
  • H5 Pro Camera Line: These products include high-resolution cameras for maximum coverage.

In addition to these solutions, Avigilon also offers cameras with multisensory features, thermal detection, video intercom integration, and smart sensors to meet any unique security requirements. The Avigilon line of digital cameras is the next generation of security cameras. With artificial intelligence as a standard feature, these cameras are also very user-friendly, ensuring they work well for users of all experience levels.

Avigilon Control Center

The Avigilon Control Center 7 is the most advanced video management software in Avigilon’s line. It is designed with a user-friendly interface that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to ensure that no security event goes unnoticed.

Features of the Avigilon Control Center include:

  • Facial Recognition: Powered by AI, Avigilon’s facial recognition technology allows users to speed up response times when working with secure watch lists. Recorded and live videos can easily be referenced by uploading images. The interface will trigger an alarm if a match is identified, allowing the user to respond quickly.
  • Cloud Integration: Cloud computing is vital in many companies and industries. Avigilon’s cloud services let you connect ACC sites to the cloud without complex configuration. These features make cloud integration easy and seamless.
  • Focus of Attention Interface: The Focus of Attention (FoA) interface leverages the latest AI technology to alert users of motion detected, analytic events, facial recognition events, license plate watch list events, and no face mask detected events. In all of these instances, you can be made aware of a problem quickly, allowing for faster response times.
  • Access Control Unification: This feature unifies your control system allowing you to quickly verify the identity of those trying to access a door requiring a card key. This ability to cross-reference ensures nothing will slip by your security system.
  • FIPS-Compliant Cryptography: This security measure is available for government agencies and enterprises that require FIPS compliance.
  • License Plate Recognition: License plate analytics capture license platest quickly in a wide range of conditions, enabling fast responses.

Avigilon Network Video Recorders

The Avigilon Network Video Recorder is on its fifth generation (NVR5) to incorporate the latest technology that delivers high-performance recording, throughput, data availability, and protection for your entire Avigilon video security system. It has the densest storage capacity Avigilon offers on a single network video recorder allowing your security team to scale up to petabytes of storage at a single location.

Avigilon offers a wide range of products that can be tailored for optimal security at any location, no matter its challenges. For more information about the entire Avigilon product line, contact Bridge Wireless today!