Avigilon License Plate Cameras Benefits

Car’s license plate being scanned by a license plate camera

Security cameras are becoming pervasive in most locations. Large corporations and small businesses have realized the benefits that these cameras bring. The technology has become much more affordable in recent years, meaning you can have peace of mind in knowing that any criminal act would be recorded, which often results in a much higher likelihood of prosecution and/or the recovery or restitution of any damages.

While general-purpose security cameras often serve most people’s or companies’ needs, some options have additional features that may be attractive in certain circumstances. One feature becoming increasingly attractive is the ability to monitor license plates.

Avigilon has multiple cameras with license plate monitoring features, including Avigilon’s flexible automated license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras, license plate capture (LPC), and plate reader technologies. 

The License Plate Capture cameras offer multiple benefits to users:

  • They can read license plates at typical vehicle speeds (up to 100 km/hr. or 62 mph), meaning you can get an accurate reading when needed.
  • They can provide accurate results even in challenging conditions, such as poor lighting. The integrated IR illumination and visible light filtering features ensure that you get a better depiction of characters on reflective license plates.
  • They are IP66 weather-rated, meaning they will work in temperature ranges from negative 22 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This benefit ensures you can get a clear reading no matter the weather conditions.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of these cameras is that they work with the Avigilon Unity Video software to provide you with a comprehensive solution. This solution enables Avigilon LPR analytics to automatically read license plate information and link it to live and recorded video in the ACC software. With these technologies combined, you have vehicle insights immediately.

It will enable you to search and quickly find specific license plate videos for verification and investigation. Ultimately, this benefit means you can access data faster, which means precious minutes won’t be lost in the event of a theft or significant security event. You will have the data you need to begin an investigation immediately, raising the likelihood that you can identify the perpetrators.

These Avigilon cameras also let you create and import several license plate watch lists. This benefit ensures that you can be proactive in addition to reactive. Creating license plate watch lists ensures you will get security alerts if anyone who shouldn’t be on the premises arrives. You get the information you need at a time when you can take action to prevent a security risk or event. Ultimately, this keeps your business or location much more secure than it may be otherwise.

This technology also means that you can work with law enforcement to provide them with the information you have, which can increase their response time. It also results in a greater likelihood that law enforcement officers will resolve your case in your favor. Additionally, the Vigilant Client Portal Integration lets your company share license plate reads with law enforcement agencies. Therefore, they may be able to flag a license plate for someone who is wanted by the greater community, even if that person isn’t on your watch list. This feature can enhance community safety, which always benefits businesses operating in that community.

In addition to these benefits, you can also expect comprehensive data privacy for the entire line of Avigilon cameras and software. With this feature, you can limit license plate reader data access, enable retention and deletion rules and settings, and utilize other Avigilon privacy features to ensure that your customers and employees’ privacy is respected at all times.

Going beyond these products, Avigilon offers cloud-based cameras which support license plate cameras.  Alta Aware software can help organizations use existing security infrastructure to capture and track license plate data in real-time. While not all companies would require this level of security, it can be beneficial to some companies. Alta Aware leverages your existing cameras to provide you with rules-based alerts for license plates of interest, which can speed up investigations and help you optimize operations based on analytics and business intelligence.

Avigilon cameras are leading the charge in terms of what you can expect from security cameras and license plate recognition features. To learn more about how you can benefit from Avigilon technologies, contact Bridge Wireless today!

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