Body Worn Camera: VB400 Designed for 21st Century Security Personnel

body worn camera

No matter what they are guarding, security personnel are often the first line of defense in any setting. And with the frequency of major events seeming to increase year after year, security professionals must have the best equipment available. After all, during a major security event, lives may be on the line, leaving no room for second-rate equipment.

The VB400 body-worn camera solution is a critical technology for security professionals in any setting. The mere presence of body cameras can drastically reduce the threat of any situation since many individuals will behave differently when they know there will be a recording of the incident. After all, you can’t alter digital video without leaving a trace, which means that video recordings will provide an accurate account of any incident.

Employers that invest in body camera technology demonstrate a tremendous commitment to the safety of personnel and customers. Additionally, they can minimize the company’s liability, making body camera technology a sound investment in all aspects.

These cameras can benefit a company in multiple ways, including:

  • Respond to security incidents in real-time. One of the biggest factors in how much a threat escalates is the time it takes to provide an adequate response. The VB400 also has an alarm feature directly on the camera, which sends a message to the system operator, who can loop in the rest of the security team. With the VB400, users have multiple ways to connect with other tech, ensuring that the entire security team remains in communication at all times. This benefit ensures the control center can prepare and deliver a coordinated and effective response to any threat, which greatly reduces the chances of a security or emergency event escalating. While there’s no guarantee with urgent events, body cameras give your team a real-time view of the events unfolding, increasing your ability to plan and respond appropriately.
  • Record from Multiple angles – Responding to an event in real-time is vital, but so is backing up your response. In many instances, you may have to justify your team’s actions to law enforcement or a judge. In these circumstances, video recordings of the event are invaluable. They can corroborate your version of events, reduce your risk, and prevent unwarranted liability. With the VB400, security professionals can quickly activate the Peer-Assisted Recording feature to activate the recording function on the cameras of team members in the vicinity of the incident. If multiple members are near, you can also get recordings from several vantage points, which can further help understand all aspects of the incident. Additional pre- and post-recording capabilities can provide up to two minutes of recording before or after an event function has been activated. This feature provides additional context, which may be very helpful during serious security events.
  • Reliable connectivity and integration. All video from VB400 cameras is offloaded to VideoManager, which authorized users can access from any device. Two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized access. Once a system administrator is in VideoManager, they can perform a variety of functions to customize the configuration to meet your needs. These cameras can also pair with some Bluetooth radio rentals, permitting the VB400 to start recording once the radio enters an emergency state.
  • Additional features for any setting. With increasing numbers of violent assaults and crimes, the reality is that a security incident can happen anywhere – even in many places people would consider safe. For this reason, more companies are choosing to hire security staff to ensure their employees and clients remain safe. The VB400 body cameras have features that ensure they can function in any environment. These cameras were tested to meet military standards, ensuring the tough exterior can withstand any external environment. And with a large central button and side switch, users can easily activate the features even when wearing thick gloves. The holster Aware Sensor lets security professionals remain focused on the situation. This feature ensures that the camera will activate the recording function if a weapon, baton, chemical agent, or firearm has been removed from the user’s holster. And the cameras can record up to twelve hours with a single charge, ensuring that security staff with remote posts can remain reliably connected throughout their shift.

Modern threats justify a modern threat response. The VB400 body-worn camera system is ideal for boosting the security of your business. Several VB400 body-worn cameras can be incorporated to keep your team in constant communication. To learn more about these cameras, contact Bridge Wireless today!

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