ION Radio Features/Radio Alert

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Most businesses across all industries are becoming more reliant on technology for various purposes. From automation to the incorporation of artificial intelligence, tech is the cornerstone of all modern business processes. As businesses operate more efficiently, technology has become more important for communications. Many companies use a network of smartphones, radios, scanners, tablets, and other smart devices to communicate. As the industry grows and changes, many companies seek greater integration, including communications solutions that meet multiple needs.

This is where the Motorola ION platform comes into play. This two-way radio is the first business-ready communication device with all-on voice and broadband data capabilities. In addition, it provides value-added communication opportunities to ensure your team can achieve peak efficiency and productivity.

Additional features of the Motorola ION include:

  • Seamless voice: The Seamless Voice feature allows you to stay connected to the radio network even when you are outside of the radio network. The ION uses broadband connectivity as a backup path to the LMR system. This feature allows you to switch between networks automatically or manually. In addition, Seamless Voice also works with Zone and Channel selections, private calls, group calls, call alerts, emergency operations, solo work, fall alerts, and transmit interrupt features.
  • Radio alerts: The ION alerts the user for a variety of radio-related critical alerts, including low battery, out-of-range, inability to establish a full connection with the system, inability to authenticate or register with the system, and lost GPS signal or GPS function fails. The Call Alert feature includes paging, which enables you to alert the recipient to call you back when they can. The ManDown/Fall Alert function allows team members to alert others when they are in danger. Additionally, if the radio is tilted at a specified angle, moving, or stationary for too long, it will prompt you with an Alert Tone. If the user fails to respond to the alert tone, an emergency alarm or call is placed to the rest of the team to ensure that rescue efforts begin immediately. This feature is ideal for many industries where work can become dangerous quickly and without warning.
  • Multimedia capabilities: One of the key reasons teams often require so many devices is to access multiple applications and platforms. The Mototrbo ION gives you full multimedia capabilities on an Android platform with an open app ecosystem. The touchscreen on this radio allows users to access an integrated camera and send or stream photos and videos. This functionality ensures that team members can collaborate on problems or challenges in real-time as they arise rather than experiencing delays. Additionally, the ION provides for customization. There are programmable buttons to launch any standard Android applications or any custom applications added for your unique purposes.
  • Security: The need for advanced security cannot be understated as the number of cyber threats continues to grow yearly. No business is immune to cyber-attacks. The Mototrbo helps keep your business safe from cyber threats by providing a defense-in-depth approach that provides multiple layers of security to help prevent unauthorized device access, malicious activity, and threats to your critical data. With the highest device and network security level enabled, this radio lets you use the apps confidently, even while on public networks.
  • Customization: The Mototrbo ION gets that your workplace is unique, which is why it is based on the Android platform. This platform ensures you can integrate with any necessary functionality to ensure your workers have the necessary tools. Whether it is barcode scanning, work ticketing, video security integration, or any other applications, the ION can support integration to optimize efficiency and boost productivity.
  • Simple maintenance: Maintaining a fleet of two-way radios has been a tremendous challenge for many companies in the past. However, ION’s revolutionary ownership experience ensures you can deploy the radios faster. Additionally, with cloud-based configuration and provisioning, remote updates, and real-time device monitoring, you can maintain the entire fleet with minimal touch and downtime. This ensures your team will spend less time managing devices and more time with value-added business activities.
  • Dependability: While it may be tempting to think that with all its other features, the ION would be vulnerable to many environmental threats, that simply isn’t the case. The ION also features dependability and a rugged design that works in nearly all environments. It’s constructed using ultra-strong materials, including a rugged touchscreen, and has outstanding impact resilience.

Finally, there is a solution that integrates the functionality of multiple devices on one high-functioning radio that can meet all your business communication needs. The Motorola Mototrbo ION is the two-way radio of the future. For more information about the Mototrbo ION, contact Bridge Wireless today!

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