Maxon Portable Radios

Maxon portable radios

Maxon’s line of two-way radios includes technologies designed for many uses. As one of the biggest two-way radio manufacturers in the United States since the 1970s, Maxon America has decades of knowledge and experience designing some of the best two-way radios available. Throughout the company’s history, they have been an industry pioneer in wireless communication. In addition to two-way radios, Maxon has a long history of producing CB radios, radar detectors, cordless phones, pagers, cellular phones, and land mobile radio products worldwide. Bridge Wireless is happy to offer customers two different models of portable radios manufactured by Maxon.

Maxon TSD4416

The Maxon TSD4416 is part of the Spartan TSD-4000 Series of Digital +Analog Radios that are a great option for day-to-day applications requiring portable two-way radios. This radio series combines exceptional two-way radio functionality with analog and DMR Tier II TDMA digital technology. These radios deliver a powerful 5W performance in an attractive, compact size. And with the ability to work on both digital and analog systems, this feature-rich radio is ideal for many settings, such as education campuses, hotels, restaurants, security companies, custodial services, and industrial applications.

This radio can also be paired with optional accessories to meet the needs of any user. Additional accessories include batteries, antennae, chargers, different microphones, and carrying cases. The radio also features an extended battery life of up to 23 hours with digital use and 17 hours with analog. There is a smooth analog-to-digital transition, and the communication is safe with AES Encryption. The heavy-duty design means that this radio will work in extreme conditions with an operating temperature that spans from negative thirty degrees C to positive 60 degrees C.

The TSD4416 also has additional features, such as:

  • 512 Channels
  • 5W RF Output Power VHF & UHF
  • 600 mAH Li-Ion battery
  • 1 Watt Audio Output
  • Direct or Repeater TDMA Tier II Mode
  • Ch. Tri-Mode – DMR, Analog, or Mixed
  • Smooth Analog-to-Digital Transition
  • Remote Stun/Revive
  • AES Encryption
  • Contact Menu for Individual & Group Calling
  • Voice Recording
  • Lone Worker
  • Call Log
  • Flashlight
  • Remote Monitoring
  • 2-Pin Audio Connector
  • IP54 Certified

Maxon TP5416

The Maxon TP5416 is part of the TP-5000 series of analog-only handheld radios. It is one of Maxon’s most popular lines of two-way radios due to its reliability and durability. It delivers clear communication that works in many settings, such as public safety, retail, and hospitality settings. This line of radios is also compatible with many accessories, including batteries, antennas, chargers, microphones and speakers, and carrying cases.

This radio is designed as a rugged and lightweight radio that delivers clear and reliable communications for any industrial or commercial needs. Additional features include:

  • 16 Channels with Optional Voice Annunciation
  • 5/2 Watt VHF, 4/2 Watt WHF Power Output
  • 12.2/25 kHz Channel Spacing
  • Voice Scrambler – Inversion
  • Compander Function
  • 1 Watt Audio Output
  • Priority and Conventional Scanning
  • Time-Out Timer (TOT)
  • 2-Tone Paging Decode
  • BCL/BCLO (Busy Channel Lock Out)
  • Remote Stun and Revive
  • Power Save Mode
  • VOX
  • 2 Programmable Function Buttons

IN addition to these features, the TP5416 is compatible with additional charger options, such as a dual-slot rapid rate desktop charger, six-unit multi-charger, a single slot vehicular charter, and a 2600 mAH li-ion battery. Heavy-duty microphone accessories are also available for industrial settings.

Both Maxon America radios offered by Bridge Wireless are exceptional choices to meet any two-way radio needs you have at your organization. These radios can help your business meet its goals related to:

  • Enhanced Safety and Security – By quickly alerting staff and customers to safety threats.
  • Improved Productivity – Two-way radios ensure quick communication and collaboration to support ongoing operations.
  • Flexible Design – The radios at Bridge Wireless are compatible with many accessories to ensure they are easy to use in any setting and comfortable to use by any user.
  • Reliability – Reliable communication is easy to achieve by ensuring the radios are charged. Batteries last long to maintain communication throughout an entire shift (or longer).
  • Durability – Maxon Radios are built to work in extreme conditions. And this reliability can further the operational goals across many industries.
  • Call Configurations – Additional call configurations can support group calls or private conversations to meet your communication needs.
  • Easy to Sanitize – The durability of these radios extends to sanitation efforts, ensuring that your staff has minimal exposure risks to viruses or illnesses even when sharing equipment.
  • Tracking Features – Radios may be tracked to ensure that all employees are safe, even when working alone, and that equipment is not lost.

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