New Radio Products: R7, R2, TLK110, and TLK25 WiFi

Two-way radios

As technology continues to evolve, innovative new features are becoming available in two-way radios to make them more versatile and for critical communications among your team. The following information summarizes some of the newest products in Motorola’s suite of two-way radio technologies.

  • MOTOTRBO R7: The MOTOTRBO R7 portable two-way radio is a digital portable device that offers advanced audio capabilities in a future-ready rugged design. Above all else, this device ensures a crystal-clear audio connection when you need it most. It has Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression and Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression to ensure you aren’t drowned out by background noise. Your team will always have a clear connection, no matter how busy the surrounding environment is. Additionally, the speakers deliver a loudness of 102 phons, four times the loudness of a shouting conversation. With a programmable extra loud profile, it can also achieve a remote speaker microphone level that is four times louder than a motorcycle at close range. This radio is specially designed to deliver superb audio in settings where other two-way radios would fall short. With an extra rugged design, it is the perfect choice for industrial operations or event security – when your team needs extra volume to ensure uninterrupted communications.
  • MOTOTRBO R2: The MOTOTRBO R2 is another extra rugged and durable two-way radio. Its general versatility makes it a great option for hard-working crews. It has an IP55 rating, which meets Mil-Std-810 requirements across 11 environmental conditions. This feature makes it ideal for a variety of challenging workplaces, such as dusty factories, wet landscaping, mining operations, and agricultural work. Despite its rugged design, this radio remains slim and lightweight, ensuring team members can move freely and respond to situations rapidly. It also has a slim, high-density batter, which won’t wear down before the end of a shift. Your employees can be confident that their two-way radio will last the full workday. The R2 has SINC+technology, which works as a noise suppressor and leverages advanced algorithms to single out voice and eliminate background noise. This feature ensures clear and precise communication in very noisy workplaces. It is also designed to have a superior range with high receiver sensitivity, high-efficiency antennas, and high interference immunity to deliver clear audio, even across long distances.
  • TLK 110: The TLK 110 is a highly versatile two-way radio that combines the flexibility of nationwide push-to-talk (PTT) via LTE with the reliability of a rugged, purpose-built two-way radio. This radio can be seamlessly integrated into your organization. It’s easy to implement, use, and manage. It also features the ability to work across devices, including smartphones, tablets, and certain other radios, which is a key feature in helping to bridge device gaps across teams – a key challenge for many organizations with a distributed workforce. The broad coverage offered by WAVE PTX allows your team to communicate without geographical limits. It’s a great solution for transportation organizations and other companies with a team not located geographically near one another. In addition to the capability to communicate across vast distances, the TLK 110 has many safety features, such as a dedicated emergency button, Lone worker, and Man Down/Fall Alert features, which mean that no matter how far your workers may be from one another, they can have quick access to emergency services, if necessary. It’s also water- and dustproof, which can hold up in rugged and challenging environments.
  • TLK 25 WiFi: The TLK 25 WiFi is a wearable communications device incorporating WAVE PTX into its design to expand your push-to-talk capabilities. It also has an intuitive voice assistant using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Despite its advanced capabilities, the TLK 25 WiFi is compact, powerful, and designed for easy use and efficiency. The AI-powered voice assistance lets employees carry out key actions, manage their devices, and perform status checks without interrupting their workday. This voice assistant is powered by natural language processing, which allows it to understand complex questions and commands, even with differing verbiage and accents. The TLK25 WiFi can help your team members feel as though they have a second pair of hands to tackle mundane and relatively easy tasks, freeing up their time and attention to focus on the more challenging aspects of the workday. This powerful two-way radio device is an ideal solution for healthcare, hospitality, education, and retail companies.

Motorola’s line of two-way radios can meet any workplace communication needs. To learn more about radio options, contact Bridge Wireless today!

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