The Nitro Platform

NitroTM from Motorola Solutions delivers enterprise-grade private broadband that outperforms Wi-Fi while providing unmatched simplicity and control.

Radio Has Come A Long Way

If you run a commercial operation – whether it’s a hotel, theme park, factory or warehouse—you’ve always relied on instant voice communications as your workforce backbone.

That’s why voice-first infrastructure is critical—every element of your network needs to work in service of outstanding collaboration.

The trouble is that while your LMR network is still helping your teams stay safe, smart and accountable, your Wi-Fi isn’t holding up its end of the bargain. Coverage and capacity can be limited. Handovers are patchy, making audio quality poor. You’re plagued by temperamental access points. In short, Wi-Fi just wasn’t designed for complex commercial operations like yours, and your communications deserve better.

Enterprise-Grade Private Broadband

Don’t bring consumer broadband to a commercial site. Get lightning-fast, enterprise-grade broadband data flowing securely across every level of your operation with Nitro.

Nitro offers broadband data speeds, so your teams can share information quickly and efficiently. And with up to four times the range of Wi-Fi, your people will be able to access the network from virtually anywhere on-site, using far fewer access points—whether they’re on densely packed factory floors, at busy airports or by the loading dock.

Nitro also has twice the capacity of Wi-Fi, so you’ll be able to add more devices to the network without being constrained by low bandwidth or slow speeds. You’ll also be able to free your Wi-Fi for other purposes, like increased or enhanced guest access

Full Management And Control

Focus less on managing your network and more on leveraging its performance with Nitro.

With 24/7/365 support and predictive network monitoring, you can offload day-to-day hassles like security patches, maintenance and management to Motorola Solutions. We’ll make sure your network keeps pace with technological change and stays up to date with the latest developments and trends. We’ll also ensure any new network improvements get implemented seamlessly, with zero impact on your productivity levels.

On your side, you’ll get full control over your network via the Nitro portal—a cloud-based tool that lets you make changes from anywhere. Run network diagnostics, set up new talkgroups, add users and push device updates in just minutes. Instantly identify root causes of issues with Fault Management, saving you time and unnecessary concern.

Nitro — all the performance, none of the hassle.

Simple Infrastructure

Deploying a robust voice and data network doesn’t have to involve complex installation or a large capital investment.

The Nitro core is in the cloud, so there’s barely any setup, management or space required. And the hardware is ready to go as soon as you are. All it needs is power and an internet connection.

And because Nitro is a service, you’ll be paying a predictable monthly fee instead of outlaying a huge upfront capital expense.

Motorola Solutions manages the network, so you can manage your cash flow.

Primed For The Future

Investment in Nitro is an investment in a long-term partner, not just a platform.

We’ve been helping commercial businesses conquer the evolving demands of their industry for over 90 years—from densely packed sites and the increasing need for data, to the integration of sophisticated devices and networks.

Nitro is the result of our commitment to innovating the future of business-critical communications. And as long as the communication landscape evolves, so too will Nitro. Whether that means future integration of video surveillance, a secure operations center, or leveraging AI and analytics, Nitro is capable of growing with you.

And because Motorola Solutions manages the solution end-to-end, you can rest assured that every piece of your operation is working optimally together. Having your entire communications network managed by one provider also means you’ll have a single point of contact—and clear accountability for performance.

Invest in a platform founded on partnership and primed for the future.

Leading With Voice

Whether your teams are on the front lines with the customer, on busy factory floors or in densely packed warehouses, uninterrupted, high-fidelity audio is critical.

A single break in voice communication can mean the difference between a streamlined operation and a dissatisfied customer, a broken workflow or worse—a serious accident.

That’s where Nitro comes in. Nitro delivers highly reliable push-to-talk over broadband. That means voice conversations will sound clearer and more natural. And with excellent indoor coverage, your people will be able to talk freely across coverage zones without losing connection—whether they’re on the ground or in elevators.

Nitro is a private broadband data network, so your team’s voice conversations will remain secure no matter what. And it’s interoperable with your existing land mobile radio network, so you can easily add users while maximizing your current investment.

The result: an integrated, purpose-built platform for business-critical voice communications that drives productivity, efficiency and safety everywhere.

It’s why Motorola Solutions built Nitro ™ — the new platform that combines business-critical voice with lightning-fast private broadband data. Nitro puts the control of your communications network back into your hands, so you can configure a secure solution that’s perfectly tailored to your operation.

Nitro delivers clear, crisp voice quality and comprehensive on-site coverage. It supports all your devices—from radios and smartphones to specialized handsets—and extends your existing voice network to support a rich diversity of data applications, including security, productivity, warehouse ticketing and customer service apps.

Adding Nitro to your current setup couldn’t be easier. We design, install, manage and maintain the entire system for a monthly subscription. No up-front network costs or unexpected surprises. Just a seamless, complete service that combines secure, enterprise-grade broadband with consumer-grade usability.