The Benefits of Avigilon Camera Video Analytics

Avigilon camera, video analytics

The Avigilon series of cameras and video infrastructure falls under Motorola Solutions’ umbrella of advanced security and analytics features. Moreover, these cutting-edge technologies have incorporated artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide better monitoring, real-time responses, and greater security for companies that deploy Avigilon cameras and video analytics.

These advanced features include video pattern detection technology, which is able to accurately recognize the movements of people and vehicles while disregarding other motions in the scene. With machine learning capabilities, this process is continually refined to reduce false positives and ensure that all alarms provided are related to an actual security threat, increasing a company’s operational efficiency for the security team. It also reduces the time wasted on false threats, which means your team can focus on enhancing security and addressing verifiable threats.

As one can imagine, the benefits of having this technology at your fingertips are widespread and include:

  • Facial recognition technology: Avigilon’s camera video analytics include facial recognition technology, allowing administrators to create lists of people of interest. Once created, the technology does the work for you and only alerts you when a positive match is made. This software works quickly, meaning your team can respond quickly when any security threat is identified to ensure that the threat is mitigated.
  • License Plate Recognition –  This technology uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates to create vehicle location data. The software allows you to create a data file that can give you additional information to share with the authorities.
  • Focus of AttentionThis feature provides a high-level overview of all sites and cameras while giving you a comprehensive topology of your entire camera population. The feature can be configured to display the events and cameras you want to see. With Avigilon AI enabled, the cameras learn what a typical day looks like and trigger an alert when something is out of the ordinary.
  • Advanced video analytics: The data analyzed is becoming much more complex, and the systems will continue to refine themselves to increase the accuracy and speed at which they can identify security threats. Currently, the system can track and classify over 50 objects, including vehicles, bicycles, and individuals.
  • Appearance Search – Users and administrators can quickly search and find a person or vehicle of interest and track their route through any additional cameras on site. This feature means you can track a person’s movements in real-time, which optimizes the ability to plan for a response that minimizes public disturbances and prioritizes the safety of any persons, animals, or property in the near vicinity.
  • Unusual motion and activity detection: The Avigilon camera systems process a tremendous amount of data, which helps them to understand what usual motion and activities look like. It also means the platform can detect and flag anomalies in which motion or activity looks suspicious for additional follow-up analysis. This process prioritizes and streamlines your review, allowing you to focus on areas most likely needing further attention.
  • Graphical interface: The Avigilon video analytics platform has a simple graphical representation of camera deployments and events occurring across your entire video network to help you prioritize and expedite your review. This feature increases efficiency and helps you focus on situations that may pose a security threat.
  • Easy integration: The Avigilon camera video analytics devices are compatible with all devices within the Motorola Solutions ecosystem, including video security, access control, two-way radios, body-worn cameras, incident management software, private LTE, and cloud solutions. This compatibility ensures that you can develop an entire video environment to meet all of your security needs.
  • Open platform: These solutions are ONVIF compliant, allowing easy integration with third-party software and hardware to provide you with the flexibility you need to maximize your existing resources and investments.
  • Easy installation and continual accuracy: The entire system is easy to use, with a point-and-shoot system setup and self-learning video analytics that require no calibration prior to use. These analytics provide great accuracy, increasing your confidence in your entire video and security system.
  • Operator input teach-by-example technology: This teach-by-example technology lets users provide feedback to the system about accuracy, which increases the system’s ability to refine the pattern-based analytics database.
  • No licensing required on Unity Cameras: The fully embedded edge analytics ensure that you need no additional rules-based licensing on cameras.
  • Customizable rules and alarms: The video analytics system allows you to selectively apply analytics-based events and program them to be alarms or rule triggers. This method ensures that users are promptly notified when suspicious activities occur. Additionally, the customizable infrastructures mean that users can receive these vital notifications on mobile and local devices.

Avigilon Video Management Solution and Control Center’s platform optimizes your video systems and network. The benefits listed here give you full control over the tracking and playback of events, which speeds up your response time and investigations. To learn more about Avigilon’s camera and video analytics, contact Bridge Wireless today!Bridge Wireless provides video security and two-way radio communication solutions for businesses, schools, corporations, and more. Let their team design and build a video security or two-way radio communication solution to fit your needs.