The Benefits of Ritron Callboxes


callboxesRitron DMR Series callboxes are well-known for their versatility. They provide users with crisp, clear, long-range digital voice communication. Callboxes can be incorporated into existing Motorola and Kenwood two-way radio networks there are many more benefits to these callboxes, such as:

Get Alerts on Your Radio: Since the callboxes are integrated with an existing two-way radio network, you can quickly get alerts from them to your radio. The callbox functions as an additional point of communication on your radio network, increasing your team’s level of responsiveness and collaboration.

Allow Staff and Visitors to Communicate with Radio-Equipped Personnel: Callboxes can allow those without a radio (or those with a dead battery) to communicate, ensuring that your entire team is more effective and efficient, when customers use the callboxes they ensure that a radio alert will help deliver a quick response to their needs, enhancing your customer service.

Increase Response Times: For customers visiting your facility, there are many times when they might need assistance, such as opening a closed entrance, gate, or door. With Ritron callboxes, you can be sure to address any issues that need a quick response fast.

Enhance Security: If you own a business, you know that the safety and security of your employees and customers are vital. Nobody wants to work at or patronize a location where they feel unsafe. But adding more guards to patrol empty parking lots and uncrowded areas is expensive. Ritron callboxes can increase the safety and security of these areas without breaking the bank!

Golf Course Accessibility: Callboxes enable golfers to easily communicate with the clubhouse to order food during their round of golf.

Verification Purposes: Many businesses and facilities have enhanced security measures at the front office when visitors arrive on the property. Access to callboxes can ensure that only authorized and expected visitors can make it on-premise. You won’t have to compromise security by leaving doors unlocked when expecting someone – you can get a quick alert when they have arrived and permit access to only that individual.

Elevators and Lifts: Ritron callboxes are built with elevators and construction site lifts in mind. You can install them to maximize the safety of passengers and ensure that they can communicate when necessary. The last thing you want when an elevator malfunctions is for a rider to be trapped with no way to communicate. And since cellular service is often hindered in elevator shafts, a callbox is a great way to ensure that you have a trusted and reliable channel for communication.

Maximize Manpower & Efficiency: Communication can be challenging in many workplaces – especially if your team is spread out and mobile.  Ritron callboxes, can ensure that team members can communicate with one another and supervisors conveniently. They won’t have to waste time tracking down another’s location. They can easily send an alert from the callbox to an intended recipient to communicate important information. This feature ensures that productivity does not come to a standstill when the need to communicate arises.  The employee can quickly relay a message and get back to work.

Easy to Install & Operate: Ritron callboxes are versatile by being easy to install and can be used with your existing two-way radios. They use replaceable batteries, to ensure reliability. Ritron callboxes are also designed for outdoor use.  They are resistant to the elements and will last years even in continual exposure. They are highly visible and are so easy-to-use by a push of a button.

Analog or Digital): Ritron callboxes are compatible with either analog or digital (DMR or Next Edge) two-way radios.

Cost-Effective: Ritron callboxes are a way to increase your customer service and enhance your business’s safety. They come with a price tag that is far smaller than increasing staff.

To find out more about how Ritron callboxes can enhance your business, contact Bridge Wireless today. They are the premier provider of two-way radios and accessories for the San Jose area.