The Benefits of Using Two-Way Radios for the Hospitality Industry: Why Hotels Should Use Two-Way Radios

Radio Accessories

Radio AccessoriesFew people outside of the hospitality industry understand just how complex and coordinated the efforts of staff workers must be to provide guests with a relaxing and enjoyable experience in which all of their needs are attended to flawlessly and quickly.

Hotels ranging in size from small single-floor establishments to towering skyscrapers can benefit from using two-way radios to keep all staff members connected to ensure a flawlessly executed guest experience from their arrival up until departure.

Read on to find out more about how two-way radios can benefit companies operating in the hospitality industry.

Ideal for Group Calls

In most hotels, the staff members operate in specific groups, such as maintenance and grounds crews, cleaning crews, front desk and guest services, security, housekeeping, room service, and valet. Two-way radios make it easy to communicate across these distinct groups easy.

You can assign different channels to different departments, making sure that each person in the group receives the information they need to complete their jobs fast and efficiently. Separate channels also ensure that staff members won’t be spending unnecessary time listening to information that doesn’t pertain to their department, which also serves to increase efficiency.

Difference groups in an organization can also communicate with one another with a simple push of a radio button ensuring communication that impacts more than one group or the entire group is shared.

Reliable Emergency Communications

Two- way radios can easily facilitate fast and dependable communication when there is an emergency. In many instances, this can then let the proper personnel alert authorities for a prompt response.

Many two-way radios have specific features designed for emergency situations.   Emergency Alarm is an alarm feature that activates all of the radios with a push of a button during an incident or crisis.   The Scan feature allows management radios to scan another channel while on a different channel.  This way important emergency information is heard and a response can be taken.    

Durability that Lasts

With so many tasks to be done to keep a hotel running smoothly, a durable communications solution is essential to maintaining an uninterrupted flow of communication. Two-way radios are far more rugged and durable than many other communication solutions, such as smartphones, which often crack or break if they are dropped.

Two-way radios can be dropped frequently with no impact on their ability to keep working. Some models are even waterproof, which can be an ideal solution for those who work near water, such as pool maintenance staff, or those who handle beverages frequently, such as restaurant staff.

Capable of Private Calls

In addition to the group chat function, two-way radios can also allow users to speak one-on-one when necessary, without their communication being heard by the larger group. It also allows users to communicate without disrupting the larger group.

The private calling feature is ideal for instances when privacy must be maintained to meet guest expectations, and users can rest easy knowing that digital two-way radio calls are encrypted to prevent listening by any unauthorized individuals.

Popular Products

While there are many two-way radios on the market, a few of the highly trusted ones and some of their features that come in handy for the hospitality industry:

  • Motorola SL 7550e
    • Ultra thin
    • Light weight
    • Large Color Display
    • Bluetooth capable
    • Text messaging features
    • Location tracking
    • 1 to 1 private calls
    • Transmit interrupt capable


  • Motorola SL 300
    • Measures under an inch thick
    • Active View Display (optional)
    • 1 to 1 private calls
    • Group calls
    • Programmable buttons
    • Transmit interrupt capable


  • Motorola XPR 3500e
    • Slim design
    • Two programmable side and front buttons
    • Options IP site connect
    • Bluetooth capable
    • 1 to 1 private calls
    • Intelligent audio
    • Alerts


Two-way radios come with a wide variety of accessories that can meet the unique needs of each staffing group found in hotels.   Earpieces are ideal for private communication when it is necessary.   Speaker microphones can make communication easier for staff that may experience a fair amount of ambient noise while doing their jobs, such as security and ground crews.

Bluetooth earpieces are also available to make wireless communication possible for any staff member who may need it. Multi-unit chargers can be used to support large groups of radios in one location. These chargers may be kept in every department to ensure that staff are always able to grab a charged up radio so that they are never without the ability to communicate.

Job Ticketing

Job ticketing functions can also be used with two-way radios. This function allows supervisors to assign jobs to individual users, keep track of who completes each task and get confirmation that a job will be or is fulfilled. This functionality is perfect for hotels which require massive coordination efforts to get everything prepared – and need quick updates regarding when each room is ready for the next guest.

Two-way radios are ideal for making communication throughout your hospitality property go smoothly and reliably, allowing your entire hotel to operate more efficiently. Additionally, users can select from an extensive range of two-way radios and accessories to meet the specific, unique needs of any hotel or resort. Contact Bridge Wireless today to find out more about how two-way radios can benefit your organization.