Motorola XPR 5550e

With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, you and your team will be better connected, safer, and more productive. The XPR 5000e Series is designed for skilled professionals, with its high-performance integrated voice and data, as well as advanced features for efficient operation. This two-way radio offers a color alphanumeric display, as well as VHF and UHF channels.

Part of the DMR-standard digital radios, the XPR 5550e delivering operations-critical voice and data communications. Bluetooth audio lets you talk with your team without dealing with wires that could limit their range while on the job. With its integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, remote software updates can easily be completed. It also provides voice connectivity via WAVE OnCloud when you are out of range of your MOTOTRBO system. It’s indoor and outdoor location-tracking means you have total visibility of where your resources and can move teams effectively and efficiently.

The XPR 5550e also has the data capabilities to support advanced applications to grow your communications platform as your company expands. These radios also feature high power audio amplifiers, thus delivering loud, clear speech with background noise cancellation for better intelligibility. The quick access buttons can summon assistance with just one touch, with its Transmit Interrupt that clears a channel. There are also a range of safe driving features to allow your team to communicate hands-free and text-to-speech technology helping to keep your drivers focused on the road. With the support of trunking and legacy analog technology, your organization can maintain a high level of productivity while also staying connected.