Ritron LoudMouth®

Ritron LoudMouth® Wireless PA System

Is your company in need of a PA system but a hard-wired PA system is too expensive or impossible to install? Then consider a Ritron Wireless Loudmouth PA system, which provides a cost-effective and flexible way to give your company PA coverage throughout your entire facility or in isolated pinpoint locations.

The best part is that the Loudmouth PA can be incorporated with your current two-way portable radio network. If you want to extend yoru coverage, then you can utilize radio repeaters. With its wireless capabilities, you can position independent wireless receivers/PA speakers anywhere you need them. The Ritron Loudmouth also offers multi-zone paging capability and an automatic message repeat function that allows for messages to be rebroadcast up to 4 times.

This PA system is available in both analog and DMR digital, providing clear and crisp communication in a variety of environments. The Loudmouth Wireless PA system consists of a unique radio receiver with a built-in 8 watt audio amplifier, indoor/outdoor rated PA horn speaker with a 25 ft cord, flex antenna, and 110-220V AC adapter power supply. The system also allows a two-way radio equipped personnel to deliver PA announcements wherever they are located. If your PA system is outdoors, then you have the optional LHM-100 weatherproof housing and an operating temperature range between -22º F to +140º F.

The PA system also offers digital signaling with up to 16 color codes and stroble light visual alerts. With its external antenna and Y adapter, two PA speaker can easily be connected to one receiver. Create the cost-effective wireless PA option to fit the needs of your business today with the Ritron Loudmouth.