MOTOTRBO SL300 Portable Two-Way Radio

Kenwood NX-3220/3320

Is your business ready to expand its communications capabilities while still remaining on budget? This versatile handheld radio, the Kenwood NX-3220/3320, offers just that for your business. It supports both NXDN and DMR digital protocols, as well as a mixed digital and FM analog operation, enabling it to serve with distinction in a wide range of enterprises and operation-critical applications.

The compact design incorporates a variety of features while still maintaining its durability, including the following:

  • Bluetooth for handsfree operation
  • Built-in GPS
  • Full keypad model with LCD
  • Standard keypad model with LCD
  • Large 4-way D-pad model
  • Basic model without LCD or keypad

Depending on the model, you can also enjoy 4- or 5-line text message frames for easy-to-access communication and direct messages. With several models to choose from, you can determine the right fit for your company. Take advantage of the built-in GPS receiver/antenna to manage your fleet of vehicles or workforce effectively and efficiently.

The Kenwood NX-3220/3320 also includes a built-in motion sensor, including man-down, stationary, and motion detection. There is also a 7-color light bar indicator on the top panel to give your staff an easy way to determine at a glance if their radio needs charging or if there are any other issues. There is also an expansion capability with the Kenwood radios and a software license certification system to facilitate extensive customization. These radios can become the backbone of your communication platform, while also providing encrypted communications and energy efficient operation. You can also utilize selective group call, emergency calls, and other options to allow your team to communicate in a timely and efficient manner.

At Bridge Wireless, we offer the radios that meet your needs now and can be customized to meet your needs in the future as your business expands.