WAVE TLK 150 Mobile Two-Way Radio

Motorola WAVE TLK 150 Mobile Two-Way Radio

Looking for a way to expand your communications platform? The WAVE TLK 150 Mobile Two-Way Radio could be the combination of nationwide cellular LTE network service and the ease of two-way radio communication. Plus, this radio recognizes that drivers need to be able to easily communicate with dispatchers, but they can’t be distracted on the road. The WAVE TLK 150 Mobile Two-Way Radio can be safely operated while driving, with its one button push-to-talk feature. You can also easily manage talk groups and subscriptions in real time. As your business expands, you can increase coverage, connections, and productivity without having to expand your infrastructure. If you already have a MOTOTRBO system, the TLK 150 can be used with these compatible systems, as well as LMR and smartphones, making it a cost-effective option to expand your communications platform.

The WAVE TLK 150 includes multiple channels, allowing you to assign channels to various team members, making it easy for conversations to happen without interruption. They can also be incorporated into a variety of vehicles, making them a welcome addition for your fleet of company cars, trucks, or delivery vehicles.

With its in-vehicle mounting, you don’t have to worry about whether your radio has enough power, making it great for longer shifts where a driver is away from traditional power sources. The WAVE TLK 150 has various accessories to make it functional for your team, including an emergency footswitch and a footswitch with push-to-talk capability. Your team can stay connected and safe with the WAVE TLK 150 Mobile Two-Way Radio, while your business can remain on budget as you build out your communications platform.