What is the Best Way to Boost Your Network with Reliable Motorola Equipment?

Two-way radios

Many organizations, spanning across industries,rely on two-way radio networks to increase collaboration, enhance security, and facilitate communication. Two-way radios are more effective and reliable than cell phones for communicating work-related messages.

While these radio networks deliver great functionality and coverage, many enterprise-level organizations may want to explore ways to boost their network. Wi-Fi may not be able to keep up in heavy-traffic areas. Motorola Nitro is a new platform that combines the functionality of Wi-Fi with the reliability of a private broadband network.

Performance that Exceeds Wi-Fi Capacity

Nitro delivers crucial communications with lightning-fast data access. It allows you to control your communication network and configure a safe and secure solution that meets your organization’s unique needs.

The pitfalls of relying on Wi-Fi connectivity for your two-way radio network are many. It was not designed for complex enterprises. It also has limited capacity and coverage, meaning that you can lose essential communication channels when you need them most. Users may also quickly become disconnected from the network.

If you have installed a two-way radio system, you likely did it to achieve several of the following goals:

  • Fast, reliable communication
  • Flexible formats that allow private conversations and group alerts
  • Immediate access to communication
  • Better connectivity
  • GPS tracking to optimize efficiency

Yet, while two-way radios are incredibly reliable, your communication ability will be impaired if you rely on a Wi-Fi network. Your organization – no matter whether it is a hospital, hotel, theme park, factory, or any other facility that requires two-way radio communication –deserves a better network.

Nitro is a Solution for Now and the Future

Motorola Nitro is a CBRS platform that delivers lightning-fast private broadband data and voice that can be used to support a range of connected devices. So, while you will see an immediate boost in reliability with your two-way radios, you can also connect other smart devices, IoT devices, and anything else that requires reliable connectivity.

While deploying and maintaining a private network is often challenging, Nitro makes this process easy. With a hosted core, Nitro requires less ongoing maintenance, support, and equipment. These benefits can boost your bottom line while still delivering secure, enterprise-level broadband that is easy to use.

The benefits of Motorola Nitro include:

  • Full management and control of the network using the Nitro portal. This cloud-based tool lets you make changes, run diagnostics, create talk groups, add users, and deliver push device updates in minutes – from anywhere.
  • Comprehensive support from Motorola Solutions at any time of the day. You won’t have to spend time worrying about security patches, maintenance, or management. With this level of support, you can focus on running and building your organization.
  • Data speeds that outpace Wi-Fi. Nitro offers up to four times the range of Wi-Fi and twice the capacity, meaning you can add more devices over a larger geographic footprint without impact speed.
  • Easy to setup using a cloud-based core. This configuration requires minimal setup, management, or space.
  • Since Nitro is offered as a service, you know how much investment it requires, rather than having to fork over hefty capital investments for new equipment when you need to add capacity.
  • Reliable communication can save lives during a major event. At the very least, uninterrupted communication can ensure team members can always communicate to enhance efficiency and quality. Nitro can help in all settings to keep communication channels open.
  • An innovative solution that will achieve your current goals – but is also ready to help your business grow or expand. The ability to manage all solutions in a centralized network means that you have a single consolidated center for controlling everything. Nitro is ready to meet this need, no matter what type of integration you may anticipate in the future – whether it is AI-based, analytical software, operations center, or video surveillance.

Motorola Nitro can give your network and your organization the boost it needs to grow and evolve. It addresses all of the current deficiencies with Wi-Fi to put control over your network and connected devices back in your hands.

Data shape the modern business world, and data resources are essential to operations. Connectivity is as essential as power in many settings. Don’t trust outdated technology like Wi-Fi to meet this demand. Select Motorola Nitro to enhance the reliability and efficacy of your private networks. It’s one way to ensure that you will always be able to leverage your data resources.

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