Why a Two-Way Radio Rental is Cost-Effective for Smaller or One-Time Construction Projects

Two-way radio rentals

Two-way radios provide an incredibly effective and practical solution for communication on construction sites. They have many key benefits for this application, including:

  • Easy-to-Use: Two-way radio rentals often come with accessories like push-to-talk buttons and wireless headsets. These features make communication much easier, even when your hands are full. The push-to-talk feature is simple enough to be used even with rugged gloves – and that is nearly impossible to do with a smartphone or alternative methods of communication.
  • Durable: Many two-way radios are rugged and durable enough to withstand even the harshest environments, including being dropped from multiple stories. In construction, you need tools that will last, and two-way radios provide the perfect solution as an advanced communication tool that can hold up in a heavy-duty environment.
  • Immediate Communication: Construction often involves choreographing many different teams and processes in a specific order. No matter your communication needs, two-way radios provide the perfect solution. Two-way radio provides the perfect opportunity to get all teams ready for upcoming or ongoing tasks and immediately alert the whole crew to safety hazards.
  • Available to Different Shifts: Unlike some workplace assets, two-way radios are a shared resource. This trait means that it can be passed off to another shift for use when one shift ends. It may take a few spare batteries to accomplish this, but in this sense, they are far more effective than company phones, which are often assigned to each person for their sole use.
  • Light and Portable: Two-way radios are battery-operated, making them light and portable. They won’t impede the ability of any worker to accomplish their tasks. In fact, once they are clipped on, most people go about their business without even realizing they are still wearing a radio (unless they need it to communicate, that is).
  • Security: Most two-way radio systems have security features that make conversations private and secure. And this can give you peace of mind that your team is able to communicate privately without the risk of any unwanted listeners.
  • Emergency Communication: There is no way around it – working in construction can be risky. Despite best efforts, there are still numerous on-the-job accidents at construction sites every year. Two-way radios offer instant communication, ensuring that site leaders know of an emergency as soon as possible and that emergency help is called when necessary. This technology enables a fast response, often mitigating some of the damage done in many workplace accidents.

Since there are many benefits in using two-way radios in the construction industry, many large contractors have purchased their two-way radio networks and systems. While this is an option that is far more cost-effective than purchasing phones for employees, it can still be cost-prohibitive, particularly for smaller projects and companies.

It may make more sense for these companies and those engaging in one-time construction projects to rent. Often, these projects last mere weeks or months, meaning it makes no sense to make a substantial investment into a two-way radio system that may never be used again. Renting ensures you have the benefits of two-way radios for the duration of your project and no cost-commitment after it concludes. This option may also be the perfect solution to weather challenges for many construction companies that operate only part of the year. The two-way radio rentals can be rented during the warm summer months while work is possible and then returned before cold weather ends construction for the year.

If you are worried that you would end up with inferior radios by renting, have no fear. Two-way radio rentals often include options that feature the latest and greatest technology. When you rent from Bridge Wireless, our two-way radio rentals have the following options:

  • Digital and analog capabilities
  • Accessories including speaker microphones, surveillance headsets, and extra batteries
  • Multi-unit or individual chargers
  • Connect Plus Wide Area Network coverage
  • Customized programming to match any existing radios
  • Pick up and delivery to the following cities in the San Francisco Bay Area: Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Milpitas, Fremont, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Scotts Valley, and Santa Cruz

And in addition to these benefits, we offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates, which means that we can find a price point for your project, no matter how long it may last. To learn more about the benefits of renting two-way radios for small and one-time construction projects, contact the team at Bridge Wireless today.

Bridge Wireless provides communication solutions for businesses, school corporations, and more. Using two-way radios and more, their team can build a network to fit your needs.