Heading Back to School: Keep Staff Communication Clear

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School administrators have plenty to juggle as the school year begins, including welcoming students, addressing parent questions, and so much more. With staff members in different buildings on campus, it can be challenging to communicate with staff without announcing it throughout the whole building.

Using two-way radios, such as those being used in San Jose, CA, can be a great way to communicate with staff throughout your school building. What are some of the benefits of implementing two-way radio communication in your school this year?

Improve Operational Efficiency

Real time mobile connectivity empowers your team because you can contact your staff and receive an immediate response. That saves you the time it takes to send a messenger and then wait and receive the response from the messenger upon their return. Delays are significantly reduced as a result. Plus, it empowers your team, because if they see an incident or a mess that needs attention, they can contact others to address it.

A two-way radio can be used to link up multiple teams, not just in your building, but district wide. These two-way radios can help you to deliver information instantly to various members of the staff individually or to designated groups. Staff can respond to requests quickly without having to travel all the way to the office.

Maintain Student Safety

This option can also be helpful, because it allows staff to interact with each other and to respond to announcements or requests without leaving the students. Student safety is one of the most critical aspects at school, but it can be a struggle to keep adults in supervisory roles while still handling the administration of school business.

That means you can contact teachers who are on the playground or in the classroom without having them leave their students using the traditional PA system. Two-way radios provide clearer communication than traditional communication systems.

Depending on what is happening at your school, such as a drill or emergency, a large number of people will need the same information in a time-sensitive manner. Changes might also be occurring, so it is important to be able to deliver information in real time. Everyone will be up to date and operating on the same plan, instead of working on potentially cross purposes.

Handling and Tracking Transportation

For any school administration, it is important to be able to estimate the time of arrival for buses, as well as checking their speed. GPS locations help schools to monitor bus locations and reroute them around traffic jams or accidents.

Remote monitoring can also include emergency buttons that can alert the administration if a driver needs help. These are great tools to help connect drivers with the school and manage safety and timing on a daily basis.

Throughout the school year, there are going to be hundreds of times when clear communication is critical to successfully handling multiple issues or questions during the day. In San Jose, CA, two-way radios can be a great asset for school systems.

If your school is interested in two-way radios in San Jose, CA, our knowledgeable and skilled staff can help you to find the right number of radios and set up your system. Contact us today to learn more about the options available.